Sr. Executive Engineer, Construction Department

Job Description/Responsibilities:

Initiate the approved construction work by leading the project team through costing, planning, mobilization and proper commencement of the work.
Collect all approved drawing, design, specifications from concern authority and have a clear concept regarding the drawing, design & specifications.
Guiding, advising and ensuring the quality & qualification before deploying the construction project team.
Formulating the construction & maintenance plan and coordinating, recommending & implementing the construction designs.
Working with other supervisors in the construction site in order to determine the working priorities.
Negotiating with contracting companies in order to get sufficient equipment and personnel necessary to complete the construction work in good time.
Guide the project team to prepare the materials supply schedule, place the requisition to the appropriate authority, check the quality of materials and ensure the supply & proper use of construction materials.
Focusing on safety and ensuring that all workers adhere to set safety standards
Lead the project team to determining work methods that result to improved efficiency and productivity in the work place.
Prepare, collect and place project report to appropriate authority.
Organize project site meeting with the project related personal to find out the blockage, remove them in consultation with & inform the authority to continue smooth progress of the work.
Guide the project engineers to ensure smooth operation of the project, on time completion within the budget and confirm the quality of work.
Lead the project team to prepare the as built drawing of the completed project and ensure the submission to the concern authority.
Check, justify and ensure all types of record keeping at project site.
Frequent field visit required as per HR policy



Educational Requirements: B.Sc Civil Engineering from any recognised university with minimum all second class / division or equivalent GPA / CGPA in academic examinations. No 3rd division / class or below CGPA 2.50 is acceptable


Experience Requirement:
Minimum 10 years’ of work experience with 3 years in Managerial position.
Required experience in Project planning, making proposal, implementation and evaluation & reporting and Staff management.

Age: N/A


Salary & Benefits


Other Benefits: Festival Bonus, Contributory Compulsory Provident Fund, Gratuity, Health & Life Insurance and others

Job Location: Head Office Frequent field visit required as per HR policy

Last Apply Date: 09/Dec/2019

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