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BRAC’s vision is a world free from all forms of exploitation and discrimination where everyone has the opportunity to realise their potential. The organisation was founded in Bangladesh in 1972 and acts as a catalyst, creating opportunities for people to transform their lives. BRAC believes in integrity, inclusiveness, effectiveness, and innovation in all areas of work. BRAC uses an integrated model to change systems of inequity, through social development programmes, humanitarian response, social enterprises, socially responsible investments and a university. It operates in conflict-prone and post-disaster settings in 11 countries across Asia and Africa.

BRAC is a global leader in developing cost-effective, evidence-based programmes, and has been ranked the #1 NGO in the world for the last five years consecutively by NGO Advisor.


The Sr. Manager Safety and Security will support BRAC-HCMP in Cox’s Bazar on its operations for safely work within their programme environments and reduce risks its staff may face.  S/he will manage the overall Safety and Security Management Plan for HCMP.  This will be achieved through the provision of professional safety approaches, the development of capacity in respect of safety awareness, preparedness and management, to support programme implementation.

The Sr. Manager Safety and Security will develop, implement and where necessary update and maintain safety advisories and operating procedures which are in line with the BRAC safety protocols.

The Sr. Manager Safety and Security has the overall responsibility for the safety and wellbeing of HCMP staff in Cox’s Bazar district (including Rohingya camps/host communities) to advise on ways to manage risk, and with the Security Manager/Officers, Area and Branch office Managers who are responsible for safety in respective field locations.

S/he will be responsible to train and support staff to ensure that any risks are minimized.   S/he will demonstrate a high level of socio-cultural, political and economic understanding of the many contexts where HCMP works.  S/he will also develop a solid working knowledge of HCMP’s programmes and have a strong understanding of programming in order to provide guidance and direction to HCMP.

S/he will report to the Head of Admin, Logistics & Procurement, HCMP.



Senior Manager, Safety and Security (Contractual); Humanitarian Crisis Management Programme

Job Description/Responsibilities:

Analysis, Planning and Preparation:

  • Develop and maintain a strong contextual understanding of the areas of operations in consultation with programme staff, Senior Managers, SMT members and Head of Admin and Area Director
  • Sr. Manager Safety and Security must maintain the Safety and Security Management Plan for the area of responsibly, using the BRACs’ protocol and must ensure that all HCMP facilities are included in the plan and the plan is kept current to any changes.
  • Be ready and prepare for major events and critical incidents where safety is concerned.  Prepare and update office safety and security plans.
  • Conduct safety awareness training in accordance with BRAC policies and procedures.
  • Work with HCMP security staff, guard services companies, etc. and ensure that adequate training is provided.
  • Ensure duty rosters of the Security Guard and Security In-charge at different projects and offices.
  • Review reports on incidents and gaps to Investigate and resolve issues promptly

Procedures and Protocols:

  • Implement and follow BRAC Security policies and procedures and develop/ maintain appropriate safety operating procedures for HCMP and minimum standards as prescribed by the current environment in which programmes are being implemented and staff are residing
  • Ensure that effective communications are in place and that all staff members are adequately trained and all staff members are capable to follow communication protocols
  • Develop and maintain safety protocols in respect of all aspects of programme operations, branch/camp offices and residences and monitor that these are adhered and respected by staff at all levels. This will include but not be limited to travel safety (road accident), medical safety and personal safety.
  • Work with the Head of Programme, Host Community and Operations and Sector Leads/PMs to ensure that agreed minimum standards are adhered to across all HCMP establishment (e.g., Installation of CCTV surveillance, security service guard or volunteers).
  • Ensure that the Senior Management Team is aware of non-compliance with agreed safety standards and those obstacles toward maintaining the standards are reported and acted upon.
  • Liaising with the emergency services, police, ambulance and fire service to resolve issues and maintain security and service.

Incident and Crisis Management:

  • Coordinate with Senior Management Team (SMT) and advise them of possible actions or options in a time of crisis or emergency.
  • Advise the Head of Administration and Area Director on events affecting or which could potentially affect staff safety or cause damage/ injury to BRAC staff and assets. 
  • Provide the SMT with updated reports on the safety situation in the camp areas and the steps being taken to address these. 
  • Assist with emergency medical evacuations within the HCMP Cox’s Bazar office.
  • Investigate and follow up safety incidents in which BRAC HCMP staff is involved.

Advice and Report:

  • Brief the senior management on safety developments within the area of operations. 
  • Brief new staff on safety protocols and orientation of the organisation's safety and security SOPs, policies and protocols.
  • Provide reports for the HCMP’s operations and management on a regular and ongoing basis. Complete reports as required by BRAC HCMP. 
  • Provide feedback on progress in respect to safety actions and initiatives.
  • Make sure regular conveying of security messages to the staff across HCMP.

Capacity Building:

  • Build capacity through training, coaching and mentoring of HCMP staff. Assist and provide guidance to the key staff responsible for safety in their area of operations (such as the Branch office managers, but also specific programme staff)
  •  Ensure capacity building of security staff and service guards and ensure 24/7 security service
  • Organise and provide various training to HCMP staff and service guards on fire safety drill, security training such as Red R or other appropriate training organisations.
  • Work with HCMP partners to develop, support and appropriate capacity building for partners to carry out the activities

Management of HCMP security unit:.

  • Manage security unit staff
  • Develop work plans and tasks and monitor their performance.
  • Gather daily updates and reports from the security team.
  • Work on capacity building of the security unit in the house and from external sources for training.  

Security Networking:

  • Develop relationship with GoB officials (RRRC and District Administration, all LEAs especially APBn, UNDSS and INGOs forums.
  • Join meetings call by the various office and contribute from BRAC/HCMP, as needed.
  • Prepare a monthly overall situation report for HCMP – SMT and Dhaka Administration.




Educational Requirements:

Masters or Bachelors in any discipline


Experience Requirement:

Minimum 10 years of experience in Security services (retired army/ navy or relevant field person is a requirement). Working with UN and INGO’s humanitarian work and operational experience will be an added advantage

Additional Requirements:

  • Strong assessment, evaluation and planning skills.
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills.
  • Ability to make a good judgment on staff safety and provide appropriate advice
  • Demonstrated ability to manage under stressful conditions.
  • Strong ability to analyse and understand complex situations and translate these into specific policy advice
  • Have acquaintance with people management.
  • Have knowledge of MS office applications.

Age: N/A


Salary & Benefits


Other Benefits: As per organisation policy

Job Location: Cox's Bazar

Last Apply Date: 18/Mar/2021

BRAC believes every one of its employees, suppliers, downstream partners, visitors, clients and community including children, youth and vulnerable adults that come into contact regardless of age, race, religion, gender, disability or ethnic origin has the right to be protected from all forms of harm, abuse, neglect, harassment, and exploitation. We guarantee assessment of candidates with disabilities who meet the essential requirements. We are proud to be an equal opportunity employer and will do everything possible to ensure that those who are suitable to work within our values and beliefs are recruited to work for us. Any personal persuasion will result in disqualification of candidature.

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